Mustard poached salmon, roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, OH MY!

Great, I picked a ridiculously long explanation for my inaugural blog post.

Anyway, Adam (that’s the fiancé) wasn’t hungry for dinner when I was, and he was just going to eat leftovers from last night’s tuna casserole. So I decided, I’m going to make what I really want: salmon, garlic roasted potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts.

I made a mixture of fat free mayo and dijon mustard, stirred in a bit of lemon juice and some garlic powder to make a smooth sauce. After browning the salmon on both sides, I poured the sauce over the salmon, added about 1/4 c. water to the pan, and covered it. I guess that much water doesn’t really make it poached per se, but it tasted poached!

For the potatoes: I quartered 3 small red potatoes, drizzled 2 tsp of oil over them, and then sprinkled liberally with garlic powder and oregano. I roasted them at 475* for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. This is a recipe that my grandmother made, and my mother makes, and I’m sure I’ll teach my children to make. They’re the ultimate comfort food.

Brussels sprouts roasted in the oven couldn’t be simpler! I took 1 bag of frozen brussels sprouts, threw them in a roasting pan, drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil (not even 1 tsp) and a bit of garlic powder. I roasted them in the same oven as the potatoes for guess how long? Yeah, 45 minutes.

Needless to say, my salmon was the last thing I cooked, and this was a homey/comfort food meal that I really needed after a long day of work.


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