You all want to know, I know you do…

I’ve tried this blog thing before. I had a really hard time writing publicly about my thoughts/feelings/emotions. I’m starting to think that its something thats more appropriate for a pen-and-paper-on-the-nighttable kind of journal.

Beadie suggested that I consider writing some sort of food blog since I have such an interest in great food, but the thought of chronicling everything I eat online was a bit daunting. After throwing around a few ideas, we came up with the idea of a “What’s For Dinner” blog, since I cook dinner nearly every night. The nights I don’t cook, I eat something fantastic!

I’ll be using this blog to daily (or almost daily, to be totally honest) to inform you lovely readers of what I made for dinner. I’ll include recipes (or non-recipes) and a review of the meal. I’m not great at taking photos of food, but if a photo comes out great, I’ll include it!

Here’s to great dinners!


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