I didn’t cook this one!

Adam and I babysat last night for 3 adorable little kids, and since we’d given up our Friday night, the mom said she wanted us to order dinner from any of the restaurants in the shopping center across the street, and she’d pay for it. Then she reiterated to REALLY order what we wanted.

We have a nearly 4 year tradition of “Friday Night Sushi” so we continued it! There was a great sushi place across the street, so we ordered 5 rolls and I got 3 pieces of nigiri.

  • Roll 1: Fresh crab, cucumber, and asparagus, topped with fresh salmon and king crab
  • Roll 2: Crab, shrimp, and cucumber topped with crunchy tempura bits
  • Roll 3: Lobster, cucumber and avocado, topped with shrimp and an Asian pesto sauce
  • Roll 4: Smoked salmon, fresh salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber
  • Roll 5: Simple spicy tuna

The rolls were a great size, and while I did eat a bit more than I would’ve had we been at our regular sushi place, it worked out OK because we were out until almost 3 a.m.!


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