I cheated.

I guess technically I did cook dinner tonight, and by cooking, I mean I turned on the oven.

When I went to Woodman’s on Monday, they had a “featured new item” that was very intriguing. Apparently, Lean Cuisine has started making full-sized frozen pizzas. Since Adam’s favorite food in the world is pizza, I couldn’t turn down a $5 healthier frozen pizza, especially since it was 12 Points® for half of the pizza. Most frozen pizzas run something like 20! I figured: worst case, it tastes like a Lean Cuisine pizza, best case, its better.

So I turned on the oven to 400 degrees, waited for the beep, and then Adam put the pizza in the oven. Wait, i guess that means Adam cooked dinner! Anyway, 14 minutes later, the house smelled like pizza, and the pizza looked delicious! I waited the 2 minutes they suggested to wait before cutting it up, and I used my kitchen shears to cut it into 6 slices.

Let me just say, if I hadn’t opened the Lean Cuisine box myself, I would NOT have known it was a “healthy” pizza! The cheese was gooey, the sauce was just right, and most importantly: the crust was crispy and delicious!

If you can find these pizzas, I HIGHLY recommend them!


5 thoughts on “I cheated.

  1. Hmmm…and how many WPA do you have left for the week??? Like me? The answer is none. Nice blog, honey!

  2. Have you tried the Target brand pizzas? Most of the thin crust ones are pretty lo cal and they are THE BEST frozen pizzas ever.

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