Oh Chipotle, How Do I Love Thee…

The dinner of champions

The dinner of champions

Let me count the ways… You give me a lovely break from cooking without having to settle for bad fast food. You provide me with a relatively healthy meal without sacrificing flavor. Your guacamole is 2nd to none (well, except mine), and your beans…oh your beans! Spicy and savory, just enough sauce… sigh…

Adam and I had an early Chipotle dinner tonight, as Friday is our “dinner out” night. I’m full, satisfied, and just about ready for bed! I didn’t overat, but managed to get myself full!

After a long week at work, it was nice to come home and NOT have to cook! I’m already planning a couple meals for next week, and the true challenge will be cooking on a budget. We still have a bunch of frozen chicken, so be looking for a plethora of chicken dinners. I may branch out into some ground meat, if there’s any on sale, and hopefully, it will be! I desperately want a good burger…

Happy weekend all!


8 thoughts on “Oh Chipotle, How Do I Love Thee…

  1. I also love Chipotle. Dearly. I was crushed when I found out how UNhealthy the stuff is. One average chicken burrito clocks in at almost 2,000 calories — an entire day’s worth of food in one item. http://www.chipotlefan.com has a calculator where you can determine the exact nutritionals of your burrito, bowl or tacos, to the topping. It’s really interesting to see how adding or removing one ingredient can make such a difference; like the rice for example. It adds like an extra 250 calories! I still love it though. I just don’t go very often anymore. WAAAA!!!

  2. OH I know chipotlefan.com! I go there every time I eat at Chipotle to figure out the Points® of the bol I just ate! The tortilla itself comes to almost 7 Points® which is approximately 350 calories!!

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