Surprise!! Dinner Out!

Adam surprised me tonight by taking us out for Thai food! While I originally was going to grocery shop after work, he called me on my way home and said we were going out. I was NOT going to argue after a Monday with middle schoolers!

We got a couple of our favorites, along with a new thing. Adam got an egg roll, which at our Thai place is really something special. It has black-pepper spiced ground chicken, cellophane noodles, basil, and a great sweet sauce. We also got steamed vegetarian dumplings that were so delicate they just about fell apart when I touched them with my chopsticks!

Adam got beef spicy fried rice. The way the fried rice is served is quite unique. Instead of everything being mixed up together, there is a sticky fried rice with egg, then its topped with the spicy beef and accented with vegetables.

I got chicken pad-si ew. Sounds gross…heck, it even says “ew” in the name. But it’s FAR from gross! It’s a sautee of wide rice noodles, chicken, a sweetened sauce, and a massive amount of red peppers (bell, not spicey) and broccoli. The sauce was not at all greasy, and I left feeling satisfied…I’d wanted Thai food for a while!

We finished off the night with a walk around Woodfield Mall which, once we walked around both stories at a brisk pace, took almost a half hour! We stopped at Yogen Früz to feed my new addiction to frozen yogurt!
Tomorrow will have a trip to the grocery store and a home-cooked meal. I’m thinking burgers… or maybe chili… or maybe… heck, I’ll think of something!

Random Question: What’s your favorite go-to recipe when you can’t think of ANYTHING? Mine’s meat sauce and pasta… I make a mean meat sauce!


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