Green Goddess and Leftovers


This is not the most exciting post in the world, and its by far the most boring one I’ve done as of yet!

I was on my own for dinner tonight, so I decided to cut into the fresh romaine lettuce I got, and make myself a beautiful salad. The most delicious part was the Green Goddess dressing! Usually, this is not your “dietetic” item. BUT because of the wonderful people at Penzey’s, I could make a completely fat free version with little effort!

This amazing mix is simple to make and absolutely delicious! Here’s the first part of my dinner:

Dressing on the left, salad on the right

Dressing on the left, salad on the right

The salad was fresh romaine, organic baby tomatoes, and a sprinkle of a dried fruit/nut mix. It was a delicious start to dinner! Then, I had leftovers of “Not-Sagna” which, if possible, was better than the day I made it!

mmm... leftovers...

mmm... leftovers...

I topped off the meal with a key lime pie Weight Watchers dessert, which was just what my sweet tooth needed!


5 thoughts on “Green Goddess and Leftovers

  1. ‘NOT-Sagna’ sounds like it could definitely get more amazing after some flavor blending and reheating 😉

    And you know what could make this post one of the most exciting in the world? Letting us know what’s in your green goddess dressing mix!!! I wanna know how to maaaake it (whiny enough? Haha)

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