Tastes like Burning!

Adam and I went out for Thai food tonight, which was fantastic as usual. We started with steamed vegetable dumplings, which first came out fried, then came out cold…they tasted good, but not as good as normal. I ordered something new for my entree: Jungle Curry. It was absolutely amazing! It was a spicy broth-based sauce without coconut milk, which was key. There was a great mix of eggplant, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, as well as white meat chicken in this amazing broth. I ate it with about a cup of white rice, and, considering I’d never ordered a curry before, I was very happy! After we finished eating (and drinking about 7 glasses of water), my mouth was STILL burning! I think it was quite possibly the spiciest thing I’ve ever had!

After dinner, we headed to Woodfield Mall where we walked for about a half hour before going to my favorite yogurt place: Yogen Früz! I got a small plain yogurt topped with raspberries and almonds. A great 3-Point® treat for a Friday night!

Früzity Goodness

Früzity Goodness

Please excuse the terrible photo, it was taken with my phone on the counter at Yogen Früz! I knew it wouldn’t last until I got home.

Happy Weekend!!! (I discovered where to change font colors!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!)


2 thoughts on “Tastes like Burning!

  1. Yogen fruz I guess is like pinkberry? It looks very good.

    Re: Pumpkin Blondies. At first I thought you were really mad because I used brown sugar and you were calling that crack! I am glad you think they look good. 😀

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