Eating and Not Cooking

Adam and I got taken out to dinner tonight at Applebee‘s, and while it wouldn’t be my first choice, or even second or third… it was not bad!

They have a complete Weight Watchers menu with all the Points® calculated right there. I started with the 3 Point® French onion soup, complete with a big crunchy crouton and reduced fat cheese. It was exactly what I wanted! I also ordered the 7 Point® Steak and Portabella dinner, that came with perfectly steamed broccoli and boiled new red potatoes. It was *just* enough food. If they’d skimped on the broccoli, I would be needing a snack right now.They didn’t ask me how I wanted my steak cooked, and it was a bit more well-done than I would’ve liked, but the mushrooms made up for it. I’m also quite bloated from all the SALT!

The company was great though, and it was fun to be taken out!

I promise, I’m cooking dinner tomorrow, so it’ll be a MUCH more interesting post!


6 thoughts on “Eating and Not Cooking

  1. I love applebees.

    it does SO REMIND ME of my childhood (clicks to google to see if there is even one where she lives now…)

  2. I love Applebee’s. Even though I used to work there! I was a server on and off for 3 years, and yes they should have asked you how you wanted your steak. :-/ I was so sad when the Deerfield location closed — now there is no Applebee’s within an hour radius from the city. Their WW menu is really to be applauded — I mean, compared with Chili’s and TGIFriday’s “healthy” menus, Applebee’s knocks it out of the park and leaves them all behind.

  3. that’s the EXACT same meal i get from applebee’s when we go. i love their WW soup and the portabello and steak meal. so delicious…and it really holds me over. sometimes i’ll get one of their dinner salads, but their WW menu is a great alternative.

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