Attack of The Tiny Desserts!

Adam and I went for a very early dinner at Chili’s tonight, as Friday is our “date night.” I got a black bean burger, nothing all that exciting.


It was a tiny little 2 oz shot glass full of key lime pie! Here’s the “before” shot, keep in mind this is on a tiny appetizer-sized plate, on a cocktail napkin with a tall tea spoon:

Tiny pie!

Tiny pie!

And after, notice, completely scraped clean!

All gone =(

All gone =(

Adam got one too called “warm cinnamon roll” and I decided to not try that one as it would’ve caused the sugar monster to go CRAZY! This was excellent portion control for me, and “just enough” dessert!


13 thoughts on “Attack of The Tiny Desserts!

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful date night! That dessert looks delicious!!

  2. i love me some key lime pie!!! i’ve never had a black bean burger, though, but i do love black beans. i guess chili’s isn’t really an expert in veg. cooking anyways.

  3. Hi, thanks for viewing my blog. I served tables for a while at Chili’s, and those sweet shots flew off the shelf. The key lime pie one is new though, when I worked there we had a layered chocolate one, a strawberry shortcake, and Dutch apple pie.

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