Being sick STINKS!!!

Getting a stomach bug while being a food blogger really puts a damper on the hobby! I’m still not feeling great, but I thought I’d at least share my Thursday and Friday dinners.
Thursday, I made a simple dinner of sauteed fresh baby spinach and some TJ’s apple and maple chicken sausage. I should’ve known then that I was getting sick, because it’s a favorite of mine, and I could hardly eat it.

No, this is not supposed to be inappropriate...

No, this is not supposed to be inappropriate...

Then, last night, Adam and I babysat and the mom offered to buy us dinner. We got turkey burgers from Red Star Tavern across the street, along with ahi tuna bites since I’d been feeling better. BIG MISTAKE!! While both things were delicious, and totally something I’d eat another time, NOT the best idea last night.

Sorry for my lack of comments the last couple days, I’ve hardly been on the computer! I have been reading and commenting a bit…

Thanks for all the well-wishes! I needed them!!


13 thoughts on “Being sick STINKS!!!

  1. I’ve been sick too and it’s so not fun. Something MUST be going around. I hope you feel better soon. Take care!

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