All Natural, WONDERFUL Meal!

MY OH MY am I feeling better!! My appetite came back with a vengeance today, and I was desperately craving protein!! It made me realize exactly how little I’d eaten in the last few days…

Adam and I decided to go to the health food store, The Fruitful Yield to see if we could find anything for dinner. This particular store has not only the vitamin aisles, but also a full frozen food section and dry goods section, so our odds were good. Since I really wanted protein, we got a pound of lean ground buffalo to make burgers. I’d never cooked it before, and thought that worst case, we know buffalo tastes good! I mixed the buffalo with my usual hamburger recipe, but omitted the buns. In an attempt to be even more adventurous, we got rice cheese to top the burgers with.

We also found this microwave-in-pouch brown rice and quinoa blend with garlic as a side dish.



I started cooking dinner, and Adam discovered the package of center-cut bacon leftover from last week’s chicken carbonara.  He suggested we cook up the remaining strips as an “appetizer” and I happily obliged. After 4 days of eating super light, I’m a little anxious about what this dinner will do to my stomach… but it was SO GOOD!

no veggies here... oops!

no veggies here... oops!

I did leave out vegetables… oh well. I can eat vegetables tomorrow. I think this all-natural, mostly organic, amazingly delicious meal more than makes up for my not-so-natural eats of last week!

In other news, the health food store had the seasonal flavors of Clif bars, so tomorrow’s breakfast will be a pear-apple strudel bar! AND, Saturday morning at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, I weighed in at my lightest weight in nearly 6 months, hit my over 50 lb lost mark, AND am under 200 lbs…GO ME!


One thought on “All Natural, WONDERFUL Meal!

  1. so glad to hear that you’re feeling better. And you lost 50lbs????? woooooooo…………. that’s something!!!! So happy for you 😀

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