The Gnu Fairy Came!!

When I got home today, there was a package waiting for me on the kitchen counter. I didn’t remember ordering anything, so I was a little surprised, but when I opened it, I found that the Gnu Bar fairy (ok, really it was the lovely Robyn from Gnu Foods) had come and left me a very generous present! Inside was this beautiful box full of 5 different kinds of bars:

SUCH a generous sample!

SUCH a generous sample!

I of course, immediately tore into a Peanut Butter bar. While it didn’t exactly taste like peanut butter, it was pleasantly sweet and had a fantastic chewy texture. It was also SUPER satisfying! I was ravenous on my way home from work, and this bar kept me completely satisfied for nearly 3 hours, a major feat. Using the nutrition facts, I was also able to calculate that each of these bars has a mere Points® Value of 2, which is a bargain! When Adam got home, he wanted a cinnamon raisin bar. He said:

“I would highly recommend this bar! It tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie with a good amount of cinnamon. I like that its soft, and for only 2 Points®, it’s definitely the best bar out there!”

I would say there’s a rave review so far! I’ll be having a cranberry orange one for breakfast tomorrow to help keep me away from the “Pig Out” foods in the lounge. Once a month, a team of teachers brings in a plethora of foods for everyone to share… usually not too healthy, and I’m DETERMINED to absolutely NOT pig out!

Dinner was über boring. We had leftovers from last night’s dinner, the Zesty Italian pot roast. It was, if possible, even better today! In case you forgot what it looked like, here’s the pot roast:

This was so delicious!

Delicious again!

I also had a (non-photographed) carrot with peanut butter since I was low on veggies for the day. I’ll probably have a Dark Ferraro Rocher for dessert during Grey’s Anatomy.

OH! I also want to give a big thank you to my friend Julie over at Flip This Body for the shout out today! I’m so glad you liked the recipe site 🙂 Also, a huge thank you for all the well-wishes. So far this antibiotic seems to be working well, and I’m finally feeling like myself again!

QOTD: How do you avoid overeating at free food events? I almost always try the “eat before I get there” thing, but then I just end up eating twice. Any hints for me?


12 thoughts on “The Gnu Fairy Came!!

  1. AH samples!! Love it..those bars are tasty, I’ve only had one- PB i think? I know what you mean about the eating twice thing…I’m more of a sweets person- so if I know there will be dessert, I’ll eat my normal meal then choose dessert at the party! Not always though- sometimes it’s fun to enjoy it all 😀

  2. Wow, you lucky girl!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

    I always try to pick out the healthy foods at a party and then have a sweet dessert!

  3. woooooo…. you’re so lucky!!! (I wrote them an email asking about sample and they say they don’t offer samples! )

    not over eat in party? I think the trick is to focus on talking with friends! And eat before the event helps too. Oh….. a lot of liquid too!

  4. Yay for free stuff!

    I also try the eat before trick and it does not work from me! I try to be rational and think about what is special or new and try that.

  5. omgod! how SWEET of her! i tried going to whole foods to find more gnu bars but couldn’t locate any! and i haven’t tried the new flavors, either 😦 i recall absolutely loving the chocolate flavor!
    yaaaaay 🙂

  6. I love getting treats in the mail (which is NOT GOOD FOR THE WALLET. I need to get me more free treats :))

    and I dont eat before mainly because Ive found for me it DOESNT mean I eat less there.

    so I do the tried and true stick to the healthier choices and have one or 2 treats!

  7. Great package of bars!

    I do very poorly at free eating events! I start out with really good intentions, but then I find that ONE thing that really wakes up my taste buds and all reason flies out the window. Let me know if you get any good tips!!

  8. I’m the worst at over eating at free events. I just try to put things on a plate so I can moitor what’s actually going in my mouth. I also find eating before hand just does not work for me, I usually just end up eating two meals that way. So now I just always found the free food as my meal.

  9. Gnu Bar fairy! How exciting! I wish the Gnu Bar Fairy knew where I lived too! haha 🙂
    So good to hear that you are feeling better! That’s always great news 🙂
    As for eating at free food events, I don’t think I can help you. I always make it a point to stuff my face…… I figure since half the stuff is the yummy kinds of food I can’t personally afford (…yet!) I should eat as much as possible while I can. Oh yeah. The glamorous life of a recent college grad! haha.
    Happy Friday!

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