The Return of Sushi Friday!

After quite a hiatus, Adam and I finally returned to a tradition: Sushi Friday! We went back to our favorite place, Daruma, and ordered a beautiful spread of our favorites. We started with a non-photographed (mostly because I forgot I had my camera!) beef katsu. It was quite a different kind of appetizer, almost like breaded and sauteed slices of meatloaf. It came with a barbecue-like dipping sauce and hot mustard.

We continued with this, the most beautiful plate of sushi:

So. Very. Delicious.

So. Very. Delicious.

Wondering what all this stuff is? Of course you are! A description:

  • Top row: Philly Roll (salmon, avocado, cream cheese), Haru Maki (Tuna, cucumber, masago, wasabi mayo, red chili mayo), Crazy Roll (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, masago, red chili mayo)
  • Bottom Row: Tamago (Thick cooked egg), Yellowtail, Shrimp, Unagi (freshwater eel)

It was such fun to go back to “our” place. While much of the staff had changed in the last 2 months, the sushi chefs, host, and a couple servers were the same, and the asked where we’d been. It’s like our very own, seafood-instead-of-beer Cheers.

We did decide to head to the mall so I could get my very favorite dessert, Yogen Früz! I got it topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! (Even though it appears so in the picture, there are not legs growing out of my frozen yogurt.)

Gotta love the Früz!

Gotta love the Früz!

I’m beyond happy it’s the weekend, so I’ll leave you with some sparkles and fairy dust for a fantastic weekend!




11 thoughts on “The Return of Sushi Friday!

  1. Hold up! I used to go to a place in Florida called DaRuMa with my family on vacation. I loooved it! I doubt it’s the same restaurant, but you just brought back fond memories 🙂 I love all that sushi you got! And I’ve never been to Yogen Fruz but I saw it once when I was at Woodfield! We should have a meet up there sometime!

  2. mmm sushi looks so delish! i was on a date one time and my date introduced me to the (cooked) eel sushi.. so yum!

    how did you end up getting your camera halfway through the meal?

  3. hahaha ‘I want to look like you when I grow up’ you are too cute!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement with the yoga 🙂 I will need all the help I can get!

    PS- Would you believe it if I told you I despise sushi!!!!

    *Slinks away….*


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