“Kid Food” on a Cold Day

It was even colder today than yesterday…so cold, in fact, that THERE WAS NO SCHOOL!!! I got a phone call at 4 a.m. telling me that school had been canceled!

Adam made dinner tonight, but despite my asking, he didn’t want to write the blog… so I’ll write about it!
We had a very “kid” friendly (despite our ages) dinner of:

See? Kid friendly!

See? Kid friendly!

  • hot dogs and beans
  • bbq baked potato chips
  • salad with baby tomatoes and low fat Caesar dressing
  • Whole grain crust frozen pizza (the Archer Farms brand from Super Target, by far the BEST frozen pizza I’ve had! Thanks Beadie!
Complete with diet orange soda!

Complete with diet orange soda!

After a few requests from various readers, I decided to post pictures of the smaller, furrier members of our household… our 3 amazingly cute pets!

First, there’s Raven. Raven is a 9-year-old Rottweiler, and quite possibly one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I’ve ever known! She “smiles” on command, but apparently not for the camera. She sleeps at our feet every night, and is a fantastic companion!

Raven, the sweetest Rottweiler EVER

Raven, the sweetest Rottweiler EVER

Next, we have Ozzy… Adam swears that one day, Ozzy will try to take over the world! He’s very smart, probably too smart for his own good. He likes playing with string, like any other cat, but he also will not eat from his bowl if the quantity left is less than 3 crunchies deep. He will meow at the door when Adam gets home.

Can anyone think of a LOL Catz caption for this?

Can anyone think of a LOL Catz caption for this?

Last, but not least, we have Big. Big was adopted by my stepdad, David about in 2003 or so. She’s always been a super-loving cat, and we’ve always joked that if she could snuggle UNDER our skin, she would! When David and my mom got married, Big and one of our older cats, Timmy, didn’t get along. That’s how Big came to live with James. She lived with James for 2 years until I got my own apartment, and then she came to live with me. She sleeps on my head every night. Literally, on my head. She has definitely lived up to her name…she’s BIG!

She's cute, huh??

She's cute, huh??

Wow, long post…sorry ’bout that…

One last thing! One of my friends started a food blog, and its seriously fantastic! Check it out at Bran Appetit!


13 thoughts on ““Kid Food” on a Cold Day

  1. Oh my gosh I love your pets!! Al of them made me smile. πŸ™‚ I am such a huge animal lover.

    I can never think of LOL catz saying, they seem so simple but I never think mine are funny! haha


  2. Oh sweet Raven – I LOVE dogs. She’s beautiful. Cats are cute too (Sorry kitties, but I’m more of a dog girl)

    I’ve heard that Archer Farms pizza is really good. I loved your dinner tonight – a trip down memory land for sure!

  3. Ozzy has this look that says…

    “Go ahead, make my day”


    “Now what do you want?”

  4. Love the pet pictures, Mara πŸ™‚ Big looks like our cat, Roxy – she normally weighs around 15 lbs!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout!!!

    That dinner looks like fun – and I have GOT to try one of those Archer Farms pizza.

  5. I LOVE YOUR ANIMALS! One of my students last semester told me about LOL Catz – it’s so funny. πŸ™‚
    Sending happy thoughts twd Chicago sweetie!

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