Quote on Snacking


Outside of dinner, I’m really working on not snacking when I’m not really hungry. I think it’s getting in the way of my weight loss, and I’ve really got to get back on the ball with that whole thing. I found a quote by one of my favorite chefs, Nigella Lawson, that I’m going to keep in mind as I work on not snacking. Then, I decided to be the nerd that I am and make a cute photoshop picture of the quote to share with you all…

...enjoy a proper meal... this is key!

...enjoy a proper meal... this is key!

So I must remember: no matter how great that snack of chocolate/bread/granola bar/whatever may be… my meals will always taste better if I’m actually hungry!

Have a great weekend all! I’ll be back tonight with a new recipe!


6 thoughts on “Quote on Snacking

  1. I’m bad about snacking or eating when I’m not hungry, simply because it’s “snack” time. I’m really working on eating intuitively. I’m getting better. Thanks for the quote – that’s great.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. that’s a great quote, mara.

    I’ve been trying to snack less, too, and really only have them when I need more fuel (like on the days we got to the gym after work).

    It’s hard some days, but I don’t want to ruin my meals, either!

  3. I love that quote by Nigella. It’s SO true! I’ve also been trying to curb the snacking habit by eating a piece of fresh fruit instead of a handful of dry cereal. It doesn’t do the trick 100 % of the time, but I’m getting there!! What are your tricks to avoid snacking?

  4. I just found your blog and it looks great! I totally agree with you about snacking. It’s one of my biggest problem and I always have to repeat to myself when you said, “food tastes better when you’re hungry.” The other one I have to remind myself is, “hunger is not an emergency.” It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

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