The Return of Sushi Friday!

After quite a hiatus, Adam and I finally returned to a tradition: Sushi Friday! We went back to our favorite place, Daruma, and ordered a beautiful spread of our favorites. We started with a non-photographed (mostly because I forgot I had my camera!) beef katsu. It was quite a different kind of appetizer, almost like breaded and sauteed slices of meatloaf. It came with a barbecue-like dipping sauce and hot mustard.

We continued with this, the most beautiful plate of sushi:

So. Very. Delicious.

So. Very. Delicious.

Wondering what all this stuff is? Of course you are! A description:

  • Top row: Philly Roll (salmon, avocado, cream cheese), Haru Maki (Tuna, cucumber, masago, wasabi mayo, red chili mayo), Crazy Roll (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, masago, red chili mayo)
  • Bottom Row: Tamago (Thick cooked egg), Yellowtail, Shrimp, Unagi (freshwater eel)

It was such fun to go back to “our” place. While much of the staff had changed in the last 2 months, the sushi chefs, host, and a couple servers were the same, and the asked where we’d been. It’s like our very own, seafood-instead-of-beer Cheers.

We did decide to head to the mall so I could get my very favorite dessert, Yogen Früz! I got it topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! (Even though it appears so in the picture, there are not legs growing out of my frozen yogurt.)

Gotta love the Früz!

Gotta love the Früz!

I’m beyond happy it’s the weekend, so I’ll leave you with some sparkles and fairy dust for a fantastic weekend!




Attack of The Tiny Desserts!

Adam and I went for a very early dinner at Chili’s tonight, as Friday is our “date night.” I got a black bean burger, nothing all that exciting.


It was a tiny little 2 oz shot glass full of key lime pie! Here’s the “before” shot, keep in mind this is on a tiny appetizer-sized plate, on a cocktail napkin with a tall tea spoon:

Tiny pie!

Tiny pie!

And after, notice, completely scraped clean!

All gone =(

All gone =(

Adam got one too called “warm cinnamon roll” and I decided to not try that one as it would’ve caused the sugar monster to go CRAZY! This was excellent portion control for me, and “just enough” dessert!

Tastes like Burning!

Adam and I went out for Thai food tonight, which was fantastic as usual. We started with steamed vegetable dumplings, which first came out fried, then came out cold…they tasted good, but not as good as normal. I ordered something new for my entree: Jungle Curry. It was absolutely amazing! It was a spicy broth-based sauce without coconut milk, which was key. There was a great mix of eggplant, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, as well as white meat chicken in this amazing broth. I ate it with about a cup of white rice, and, considering I’d never ordered a curry before, I was very happy! After we finished eating (and drinking about 7 glasses of water), my mouth was STILL burning! I think it was quite possibly the spiciest thing I’ve ever had!

After dinner, we headed to Woodfield Mall where we walked for about a half hour before going to my favorite yogurt place: Yogen Früz! I got a small plain yogurt topped with raspberries and almonds. A great 3-Point® treat for a Friday night!

Früzity Goodness

Früzity Goodness

Please excuse the terrible photo, it was taken with my phone on the counter at Yogen Früz! I knew it wouldn’t last until I got home.

Happy Weekend!!! (I discovered where to change font colors!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!)

Surprise!! Dinner Out!

Adam surprised me tonight by taking us out for Thai food! While I originally was going to grocery shop after work, he called me on my way home and said we were going out. I was NOT going to argue after a Monday with middle schoolers!

We got a couple of our favorites, along with a new thing. Adam got an egg roll, which at our Thai place is really something special. It has black-pepper spiced ground chicken, cellophane noodles, basil, and a great sweet sauce. We also got steamed vegetarian dumplings that were so delicate they just about fell apart when I touched them with my chopsticks!

Adam got beef spicy fried rice. The way the fried rice is served is quite unique. Instead of everything being mixed up together, there is a sticky fried rice with egg, then its topped with the spicy beef and accented with vegetables.

I got chicken pad-si ew. Sounds gross…heck, it even says “ew” in the name. But it’s FAR from gross! It’s a sautee of wide rice noodles, chicken, a sweetened sauce, and a massive amount of red peppers (bell, not spicey) and broccoli. The sauce was not at all greasy, and I left feeling satisfied…I’d wanted Thai food for a while!

We finished off the night with a walk around Woodfield Mall which, once we walked around both stories at a brisk pace, took almost a half hour! We stopped at Yogen Früz to feed my new addiction to frozen yogurt!
Tomorrow will have a trip to the grocery store and a home-cooked meal. I’m thinking burgers… or maybe chili… or maybe… heck, I’ll think of something!

Random Question: What’s your favorite go-to recipe when you can’t think of ANYTHING? Mine’s meat sauce and pasta… I make a mean meat sauce!

Dry-Rub BBQ Chicken

After a rather lame dinner last night while babysitting, I came home today and wanted something home-cooked. We didn’t have too much in the house, and I was NOT in the mood to go to the grocery store, so Adam and I figured out something to make. We still had some frozen chicken, so he took that out to thaw. he had suggested barbecued chicken, and with it being 38* and freezing rain outside, the grill just wasn’t happening!

I dug through my spice cabinet and found my Penzey’s Galena Street Rub. I sprinkled some on the raw chicken breasts and heated a frying pan with about 2 tsp. corn oil. Once hot, I added the chicken and cooked about 6 minutes on each side. Adam put some water up to boil for some noodles (Smart Taste rotini) on which I put some garlic powder and butter.

The chicken ended up with a nice spicy crust on it, and the noodles were mellow to balance out the spice. I now have a craving for something I’ve already had today! My mom took me to a new frozen yogurt place, Red Mango. It’s a 100% natural, fat-free, active culture frozen yogurt, and its fantastic! It tastes something like frozen creme fraîche, and with a drizzle of honey… oh my god… thats all I’m going to say.

There are similar chains throughout the country including Yogen Früz and Pinkberry are a couple I can think of… I highly recommend this stuff! Its divine!