A Vegetarian Feast!

After months of reading about baked tofu here, and here, and of course here, I finally decided to try my hand at making it. I asked Beadie about her “perfect baked tofu” method, and read up on the famous Gliding Calm tofu. Over the weekend, I tried it for myself without an intent of sharing it with Adam just in case I royally screwed it up. I did the freeze-and-press method that Beadie likes, then the soy-ginger-sesame-sweet-hot rub that Miss Gliding Calm likes, then baked the heck out of it at 400* for about 45 minutes. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! I made it a point to make Adam taste some, and he loved it too…so much so that he requested it for dinner at least once this week.

When we went to Trader Joes on Monday, we bought 2 bricks of extra firm tofu. One went straight into the freezer, and the other stayed in the fridge. I wanted to try the different, less time-intensive, “drain-and-bake” method thatĀ  so many in Blogland love. So tonight, I simply drained the fridged brick of tofu, sliced it into slices, and rubbed it on both sides with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sriracha, and one Splenda packet. I baked it at 425* for about 45 minutes, and once it was browned, took it out. It was also amazing!! The texture wasn’t as “meaty” as the freeze-press-bake method, but still a great dinner. We had the slices of baked tofu with sweet potato fries, brown rice, and [an unphotographed] simple green salad.

Who am I channeling? Beadie? GC? Finessista?

Who am I channeling? Beadie? GC? Erin?

Adam even went back for seconds, and agreed that I should show him how to make this stuff! Next on my to-try list: baked tofu in a stir fry!

Now, a non-dinner note. Yesterday, Adam picked up a new video game, Street Fighter IV. Normally, I can’t stand the way that women are portrayed in video games. Usually they’re tall, ridiculously thin, ridiculously tall, and have inhumanly enormous boobs chests. I was beyond excited when Adam started playing this game last night because girl after girl had a much different silhouette than your typical video game chick. Sure, they’re still scantily clad. But instead of being unrealistic portrayals of what women “should” be, they are exaggerated portrayals of what women strive to be: muscular, strong, fit, and ready to kick someĀ  ass butt! This is Chun-Li, one of the strongest women in the game:

Those are some ASS KICKING THIGHS!

Those are some ASS KICKING THIGHS!

And in Blogger news:

And, make sure you all have a WONDERFUL evening! I’m off to have some coffee (and maybe a treat) with some WW buddies. SO EXCITED!

Oh, and for Miss Erin who mentioned she’s missing the Northwest… a picture of the Oregon coast. I seriously fell in love with the landscape there!

Outside of Florence, OR

Outside of Florence, OR